Scratch That.

Yeah...about that blogging everyday thing. Didn't happen. Not going to happen in December. Might happen in January. Stay tuned...

Back in Action...

So it's been like five months. Five months since I've even thought about writing something. At least, since I thought about writing something on here for all to see. But that's one of the great things about the internet and about blogging. They never go away.

A lot of people did this last year. It was called #best09. This year, it's called #reverb10. In yet another honest attempt to figure out if writing is something I really, truly love and something I would want to do everyday for the rest of my life, you're going to get a blog post every day for the month of December. EVERY DAY. Good thing these #reverb10 people are sending me prompts. This girl needs some structure.

Obviously, it's December 3rd now. Or it will be in 44 minutes. And so I present for your viewing pleasure the prompts from yesterday and today all rolled into one post.

Prompt #1: One Word. Encapsulate the year 2010 in one word. Explain why you’re choosing that word. Now, imagine it’s one year from today, what would you like the word to be that captures 2011 for you?

2010: Complacency
     According to the dictionary (yes, I used a dictionary. An actual one. On paper. ), complacency means being content with one's life. I disagree. I define complacency as being just happy enough most of the time that there is no need to introduce challenge into one's life. And I think that's kind of a bad thing.

Which brings me to...

2011: Aspire
     There are a lot of things I aspire to. My goals change daily. Unfortunately, I don't think I have actually accomplished any goal since graduating from college in 2006. And so, 2011 is the year that changes.

Prompt #2: Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it? 

Where should I start? Like I said, it's been five months since I've really written anything. And a whole lot of that time has been spent on entertainment. I'm a big fan of entertainment; I think I get it from my grandparents. They cannot spend more that one day sitting at home, doing nothing. If they're not at work, they're in Island Park. Or Jackpot. Or on a cruise (without me, which is very rude). Or playing bingo. Or snowmobiling. They just always like to be entertained. Which is my point.

For me, Monday's mean bowling. Tuesday's mean trivia. And drinking. Sometimes a lot of drinking. Which leads to lazy Wednesdays, sometimes with some mentoring thrown in, and always ending in family dinner. Thursday's mean closing at work, as do some Fridays. Saturday's mean anything from birthday parties to crying at a bar to reading a book at home with my cat. And Sunday's mean resting. Catching up on life so the craziness can start all over again the next day. I know that a lot of people have way more demanding schedules than I do. But like I said in prompt #1, I am usually content with this routine. Routines are good. Until you become complacent, which is my word of the year.

As for making more time for writing, it's something that can be easily done. A little less sleeping, a little less HIMYM and boom-you'll get a blog post a day for a month. As for switching up the routine, though, I don't really think it's that easy. Like I said, routines are good. They keep life going. And blogging is writing about life. And I'm not quite ready to stop life as I know it. But that's kind of why I decided to do #reverb10. It gives me a chance to look back over the past year, separate what I like and don't like, what's working and what's not, and hopefully head into 2011 ready to start the rest of my life.

See you tomorrow.

For whom the bell tolls.

Since I was two years old, I have lived a block and a half from the bells. And for as long as I can actually remember, the bells have tolled three times a day, 37 chimes each time; once at 8:00 am, once at noon, and once at 6:00 pm.

The bells have signified different things through the years. When I was younger, the 8:00 bell meant that I was late for school and had less than five minutes to get my butt out the door. In the summer time, the noon bells meant it was time for tuna fish and potato chip sandwiches. And later, after I discovered the amazingness of Gilmore Girls, the 6:00 bell meant it was time to tune in.

Overall, though, the sound of the bells meant I was home. Home from college, the cabin, Paris, or Boston. Just like the smell of my grandma's cinnamon bread or the feel of the wind on my face as I'm flying through the air on the trampoline, those 37 chimes meant instant comfort, instant regression back to my childhood, instant happiness.

But this latest trip home? I was not greeted by my favorite, familiar sound. Instead, I was greeted by a weird, annoying tinkle.

They changed the bells.

And I am not happy about it. And I am sure that Pepper (my cocker spaniel, may he rest in peace) would not be happy about it either, as one of his favorite daily activities was howling along with the bells three times a day (I hope they're chiming for you up in that big backyard in the sky).

As far as I'm concerned, the only bells that are supposed to tinkle are those little tiny ones that rich people use to summon their hired help. The stately Catholic church (one of only two in a town dominated by LDS churches on every other corner) with gorgeous stained glass that I've lived around the corner from since I was two deserves a loud, booming bell, one that chimes thirty-seven times, three times a day.

And so, for anyone that has watched as much Gilmore Girls as I have, I'm going to have to channel the episode where Luke and Lorelai break the bells. But instead, I will be doing the opposite-restoring my favorite bells to their original glory.

A question...

What to do with this here blog of mine?

One Step Closer...

The application process is complete. I have already been accepted to two schools. Still waiting to hear from my number one choice. It will be a while, considering I just mailed the packet today. Now comes the part where I normally freak out, talk myself out of it, wonder how I could ever leave this place, these people, this life?

But this time? It's different. I'm ready to leave. I've spent the last four years doing the same things. And while I have too many wonderful memories to count, I'm ready to make new ones, with new people, in a new place. I've finally realized that I need to do this for myself, that I can't worry about anyone else, that I can't worry about missing out on things. Because that? Just leads to me missing out on my own life.

So yeah. I'm ready. Ready for something new.

A dose of cuteness.


We went to the hockey game on Saturday night to celebrate QS's birthday. As we were driving there, we had a little discussion with the Princess about what age she was going to be that night.

The Pro: "Now Princess, if anybody asks you how old you are tonight, you're going to say three years old."

Princess: "But daddy, I'm four!"

The Pro: "Yes, you are, but just for tonight, we're going to pretend that you're three so we don't have to buy you a ticket."

After some chiming in from the BFF and myself, I look over and see the Princess' eyes welling up with tears.

Princess: "But can I still be four years old?"

It just doesn't get cuter than that.

On a sadder note, today i ran over a squirrel. And I didn't even know it until the cheer king made me look in the rear view mirror. And then I saw the poor thing twitching. And I just couldn't bring myself to run him back over to put him out of his misery. I am officially going to squirrel hell, where the poor little guy will run me over everyday as my punishment.

The cheer king did try to make me feel better by telling me that the squirrels are over-populated in Boise and that I was just doing my job controlling the problem. It didn't really work; I still feel horrible.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a story about our epic Monday night karaoke adventure. Two words for you: legend. dary.

An addendum. Or three.

As per the usual, I left some of my favorites out yesterday. And that just won't do. Once again, click the pictures and away you'll go!

One of Brandy's most coveted items is a diamond-encrusted toothbrush. And something I do believe she put on her Christmas list. Brandy is the queen of lists; add that to her love of Ryan Reynolds and Soul Decision and we're basically best friends. She also does one of the best features in the blogging world-The Secret Project. If you like Post Secret, you'll love this. And it always gives you something to look forward to on Mondays.

I just very recently discovered her. And big surprise? She took three months off to travel through Europe. Her difference? She did it alone. CRAZY! And? She just recently left home to start a new life in Boulder, Colorado, something I'm considering as well. Plus, she loves Barnes and Noble and likes to have dance parties in her kitchen. We're pretty much the same person.

And last, but certainly not least, is Miss Challis. It's funny how you can go to junior high and high school with someone and not really know them at all until like five years later. And while the majority of my classmates blog about their adorable children (which is cute, but just another reminder of the weirdness of my hometown), Challis writes amazingly hilarious posts about her domestic abilities (or lack thereof) and airline adventures. And I'm sure we can all relate to anyone who loves cookies as much as this girl.

And that wraps it up. I even double-checked this time. I'm currently watching the Olympics and having mini panic attacks as the lady figure skaters take to the ice. I seriously can't watch when they do their jumps. If they fall, it feels like I fell. And then my knees hurt. I'm sure it's all their fault (my knees, not the figure skaters) that I'm not a professional athlete; after all, I totally could race down a giant, icy ski hill and kick ass while doing it. Maybe in another life. Only two more days left in Idaho Falls. And six more days until I go back to work. Not sure how that's going to go. I'm going to have to brush up on my cat-sweater-selling skills.