I can swim to Russia right?

Something happened. I'm not sure when. And I'm not sure how.

My sister and I have switched places. Personality-wise, just to clarify.

In order for you to truly understand what I mean, let me take you back to my high school days.

It's Friday night and I'm working at Old Navy. I get off at 10:00 and have to be back again at 8:00 the next morning. What do I do after I get off? Meet up with my friends and spend the next four hours or so "cruising*." I'd eventually head to bed around 2:00 and be wide awake and ready to go a mere four hours later.

My sister? Was probably in bed before I even got off work.

Another example: it's the night before I take the ACT's. I've put in maybe three hours of studying time and instead of getting a good night's sleep before the big day, I decide it's a much better idea to hang out doing god-knows-what (most likely eating pie at Perkins. That was when it was still cool and open late).
My sister? Had probably put in at least 30 hours of studying time. And written practice essays. And taken those things called practice tests. (Did the ACT even have an essay section? Doesn't matter; she still would have written practice essays.)

Let's just say that throughout high school, I definitely applied myself much more in the areas of making friends, watching movies, and driving around aimlessly than I did in trigonometry, english, and history. Don't get me wrong-I was in multiple AP classes and head photographer and Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook. I went to pretty much every sporting event and was in as many clubs as possible, and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I was lucky (and still am) that I was smart enough to figure out how to do the bare minimum to make myself look good. Could I have been Valedictorian at graduation? You betcha, but I wouldn't have been able to see OutCold in the theatre at least twice or go to Wendy's in my finest formal for Homecoming dinner or find the ugliest jacket ever to wear to the Rummage Romp.

And when I made my college decision, I chose the one that offered the most fun potential. Forget that I could have gotten my degree for free from UofO or gotten paid to get it at ISU. My friend's weren't going there and niether school had a sweet blue football field.

Sister, on the other hand, defined "applying yourself" in high school. She didn't care about being in the newest, coolest club; she cared about starting one of her own that actually accomplished something worthwhile (and thus, the first recycling club at IFHS was born). She actually studied on Friday and Saturday nights instead of wasting gas and time on good ole' 17th st. She had great friends and she has great memories from high school; just in an entirely different form from me.

And she was Valedictorian when she graduated. And she is basically obtaining her college education at one of the countries most prestigious all-womens' school for free. And she's headed to Russia next year to teach the english language.

Me- I'm still in Boise, still telling myself that all I really want out of life is a good time. Sooner or later, however, I'm going to have to acknowledge that annoying little voice in my head that keeps asking me when my life is really going to start. And sooner or later, I will respond. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

More to come soon!

*Ahh cruising. Many nights were spent with the windows down, Britney Spears blaring, and the five coolest girls ever driving up and down 17th street. Up and down. The purpose? Meeting new people, revving your engines in a form of flirting with the cute ones, and speeding away from the creepy ones. Careful who you flip off- you might get cheeseburgers thrown at you. And don't call the football team who just lost their first game losers. The Teacher will lock your window. You will react like a mentally-challenged person. Hilarity and memories will ensue.