And the winner is...


For the people I talk to everyday, this will be old news. But it is still great news. Friday is not only my payday, but it's also the day I get my $400 gift card that I won for working sooo hard! Don't worry-this is somewhat true. I did actually have to earn my entries into the lottery for said gift card. I just wouldn't call my work hard by any means. Slow, boring, overrated? Yes. Time-sucking and all-consuming? Yes. But I won't whine about the whole 44 hour thing. At least until the $400 is gone.

Plans for the money? P.F. Changs, maybe a massage, and maybe a ridiculously expensive raft for the summer. Maybe I will save some. And I'm even rewarding my lovely staff with an all-expense paid dinner. Because yes, I do realize that just because I am in charge of the store doesn't mean I get all the credit for making the sales go 'round. Just in case anyone was wondering.

As for a life update, I spent the weekend puppy sitting for The Artiste and PIC & M2J2. Not that any of their dogs are puppies anymore; it's just more fun to call them that. We definitely had a grand old time, full of toe-licking, toy-chasing fun. It is definitely apparent, however, that my schedule and a puppy would not get along. Someday, though. And yes-I might even get a cat. But only one that is trained to swat like a ninja whenever QS and The Pro are near.

Speaking of The Circle, we had a groundbreaking meeting this weekend. I'm not sure if I am allowed to discuss all the details, but I will say that we are now one member less. A sad, but entirely necessary thing.

Completely switching gears. I'm in a weird mood. And maybe it's because I feel like I'm in a weird place. Not a good or bad place. Just weird. One thing I have figured out, though, is that as long as I keep myself busy, then I'm completely happy with my life. It's the downtime that gets to me. Solution: No downtime! Good thing summer is almost officially here!

This was originally intended to be a much more entertaining blog. And then it turned into this. My apologies. I will do better next time! For now, I'm thinking a new summer mix is in order. A little Enrique, a little Asher Roth, a little bit of heaven!

Kirk out. (Go see Star Trek. Definitely worth it, if only for Chris Pine!)