A dose of cuteness.


We went to the hockey game on Saturday night to celebrate QS's birthday. As we were driving there, we had a little discussion with the Princess about what age she was going to be that night.

The Pro: "Now Princess, if anybody asks you how old you are tonight, you're going to say three years old."

Princess: "But daddy, I'm four!"

The Pro: "Yes, you are, but just for tonight, we're going to pretend that you're three so we don't have to buy you a ticket."

After some chiming in from the BFF and myself, I look over and see the Princess' eyes welling up with tears.

Princess: "But can I still be four years old?"

It just doesn't get cuter than that.

On a sadder note, today i ran over a squirrel. And I didn't even know it until the cheer king made me look in the rear view mirror. And then I saw the poor thing twitching. And I just couldn't bring myself to run him back over to put him out of his misery. I am officially going to squirrel hell, where the poor little guy will run me over everyday as my punishment.

The cheer king did try to make me feel better by telling me that the squirrels are over-populated in Boise and that I was just doing my job controlling the problem. It didn't really work; I still feel horrible.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a story about our epic Monday night karaoke adventure. Two words for you: legend. dary.