Another Saturday night...

...and I ain't go nobody. I got some money, cause I just got paid."

Ten points to the first person who can tell me who sings that song.

Anyways-yes, it is Saturday night and I ain't go nobody. And honestly, I wouldn't have it any other way. My mom came to visit me this week, and for some reason, the boy roommate and the girlfriend decided to stay at our apartment pretty much the whole time. While the girlfriend's apartment sat empty. Anyone else think that's weird? I thought so. Therefore, I'm glad that I have the whole place to myself. I made some spaghetti and garlic bread and I'm currently watching a Miley Cyrus special. Thank goodness for cable.

But enough about my loser of a Saturday night. Let's talk about SUMMER! Forget about the fact that it's currently raining outside; I've decided that May is the kickoff month. Starting with the super awesome kickoff party that will take place next weekend. Originally supposed to be the weigh-out party for the C.O.T and Swoobs' graduation celebration, it has since morphed into something different, due to the fact that Swoobs' has been officially nominated for impeachment from The Circle. Plus, we are all too lazy and decided that losing weight is over-rated. Details have yet to be finalized. Just know that it will be awesome.

Here's a list of everything else that I'm excited about.
(Please excuse the list format. Apparently, I am long-winded, and people like M2J2 don't have enough time in their busy lives to read about life as I know it. Boo, you whores!)

2. TAYLOR SWIFT! May 17th will be one of the best days of my life. Call me a loser, but I know you're jealous that you don't have tickets.

3. BOSTON 2009. The sister is graduating. Not only do we get to stay in the dorms, but I'm making sure that I make it to the coast to experience some real New England seafood. Even if I'm the only one.

4. Fourth of July. One of my top 3 holidays and it's even on a Saturday! It will be spent celebrating in Idaho Falls, because they do it up RIGHT! (Except for when it's on a Sunday, but let's NOT get into that.)

5. JOURNEY! Didn't go the first time they came, and seriously regretted it. Won't happen again.

6. The C.O.T. Cabin Trip. It was legendary last year, and I know it won't dissapoint this year.

7. The Roommate's Wedding! Sad that it will be our official get-together of 2009, but I'm so excited for it anyways! Mt. Rushmore and the dance floor-watch out! Here I come.

8. Patio Parties. Have you seen my patio/deck? Pure awesomness. Just wait until I get a hammock.

9. Floating adventures. The river has proven to be a damn. good. time. My raft's still in my trunk. I'm so ready.

10. VEGAS! Don't actually have a trip planned, but I seriously think this should change.

This is just a small list. There are thousands of other things involved in summertime. My flip-flops are ready, I bought new sunglasses, and the Summer 2009 mix is a work in-progress. Now if only my skin wasn't so blindingly white.