Photo Overload

Thanks to the BFF, I can now post actual pictures from The Circle's cabin trip. Somehow, BFF managed to only be in one picture, and a long-distance one at that. We'll have to change that the next time around!

*Triple K looking pensive.
*QS with my sunglasses.

*Me looking ridiculous.

*The Pro being lame and sick and whiny.

*Princess Ballerina. Too cute for words.

*Jet-skis are awesome.

*So are my tubing skills.

*Triple K spent a lot of time in the water

*The Pro thought he had tube burn on his knees. Really, he
just didn't put on sunscreen.

*BFF is a wimpy driver. We'll work on it.


*The Jiffy-Pop predicament. Good thing they come in two's.

*Do you hear what I hear?

*Matching shirts. Awesome!

*Mesa Falls=WOW!

So there you have it. In other news, PIC and I went and saw 500 Days of Summer. Good movie. Probably not the best of the summer, but there is still some time to go. Wedding countdown=13 days! Maybe I will share some other wedding stories. After all, I have a million of them!
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