An ode to my voice...

Hey voice! Where did you go?
Without you, I kind of sound like a freak show.
I had to use my precious sick hours at work today,
which will seriously limit the amount of time for future vacays.

I suppose it's cool that I don't really feel sick,
But I sure do I hope I get better quick.
It sucks when you have to have a translator.
Good thing the BFF owes me a favor*!

Tomorrow we are having a barbecue in the park,
And will probably play clear until it's dark.
Please, voice, come back soon.
Otherwise, I'm wrapping myself up in a cocoon.

The end.

Seriously, this is the second time in two months that I have lost my voice. And this time it's gone completely. I hope you all enjoyed my poem. There will be many more to come. I'm thinking I should quit my job and just become a poet.

*She doesn't really owe me a favor. I just needed something that sort of rhymed with translator.