Why not having cable is awesome...

1. I wouldn't have gotten to spend my Sunday night vaccuuming out the heater grate in my kitchen. Or mop my floor with washcloths on my feet (old school style!).

2. I never would have gotten the chance to watch the tv show Legend of The Seeker. Let me tell you, it is some of the best acting I have seen in a while. How do I describe it? It's Harry Potter meets Walker, Texas Ranger, with a little Xena, Warrior Princess and LoTR thrown in. I can't believe I was able to tear myself away from it to even write this blog!

3. It gave me a chance to re-bond with my movies. I'd forgotten just how good She's the Man, Love Actually, and The Goonies really are (I'm kind of serious about this one!).

I know everyone reading this is truly enthralled, but really-I need cable! That will hopefully happen soon.

Before I go any further, there is one very important cast member that needs introducing. I could never forget about The Teacher (her nickname needs some work, but I'm not very creative at the moment), but it had been a while since I'd talked to her, and so she wasn't in my daily thoughts. But she is most definitely a very important character in my life. And she is in town for the next little while and I am very happy about that. Her good friend (and mine now, thanks to her!) is getting married next Saturday and her bachelorette party was last night. Apparently, Mulligans and 10th Street Station don't get a lot of bachelorette parties. Or know what a Scooby Snack is. Eventually, we ended up at the more group-friendly bars, and they were packed. Spring Break will do that, I guess. Too bad I don't still get a Spring Break. I could use one!

It was fun, and I'm excited for the wedding next week. Still don't know who I'm taking as my date. Any takers?