The keeps chasing me!

I know I mentioned my inner 21-year old before. And in the past few weeks, its definitely made itself known!

I blame tequila. And all the birthday parties.

Tequila and I don't have much of a history. Mostly because of 'Tequila Popper' night. Tequila poppers are basically one of the most dangerous concoctions known to man kind. Who knew that Sprite could play a part in that either? Anyways, the night involved cartwheels, backyard races, and did not end as well as it started, to say the least. And since then, tequila and my pasts' have not crossed. (That night took place during sophomore year, so we're talking a good 5 years or so.)

And then The Vandal had to go and have a birthday. And Mr. Jose Cuervo was a guest at said birthday. And we hung out. It wasn't as bad as TP night, that is for sure. But I definitely had too much fun and spent too much money. It was kind of worth it, though, to see the boys take those girly, whipped-cream shots!

And then Boy Roommate had a birthday too. And somehow, I found myself dancing the night away at Hannahs with some long lost Old Navy friends. Tequila wasn't involved, however, and it was quite entertaining trying to drag Boy Roommate off the dance floor. Who knew he would start an impromptu break-dance contest with some crazy girl? And who knew he'd try to have a dance party in the living room with himself later on?

All in all, being 21 definitely wears a 25-year old down. Good thing I had a nice, uneventful weekend! Tomorrow, it's back to the grind, but with some spice thrown in. I don't think I mentioned it before, but Partner-in-Crime somehow managed to talk the band Houston Calls into stopping over in Boise and playing a house show before they head to SLC for their real tour. It will be interesting, to say the least!
Know what I'm saying?