The Mountain

It dawned on me that I haven't yet shared any of the hilarious stories involving The BFF. And that, my friends, is truly sad. So why don't we fix that right now?!

I'm not really sure why this story popped into my head. But it's a good one.

The year-2003.
The place-Towers Hall. Fourth floor. BSide (which you must say like a gangsta. BSiiide!)

Quick sidenote: BFF entered the real world (i.e. she got a real job!) a little earlier than the rest of us BSiders. And because we eliminated the entire notion of a reasonable bedtime the minute our parents dropped us off, she spent the majority of her time at The Pro's apartment. When we were lucky enough for her to grace us with her presence, however, happiness and hilarity ensued. Back to the story...

Sometime during Spring semester, BFF and I decided that it would be a great idea to make strawberry daquiris. In the dorm (hey-we had a non-existent RA. It was only fair that we broke all the rules.). A not-so-great idea? Relying on The Pro to get us the rum. Ever had strawberry daquiris with Captain Morgan? Not so good. But trying to be the hardcore alcoholics that college freshman are supposed to be, we drank them. And bought some Coke from the vending machine and drank that.

(BFF! Remember how John hung out with us that night? That was weird. But fun. And I saw him two Wednesday-dinners ago at Angels. Still the same, old John. Which is refreshingly awesome. And where was Ashlee when we did this?)

LifeCoach also happened to be around that night, hanging out with TCox, and whoever else happened to be around. And being the responsible, soon-t0-be RA that she was, she checked in on us to make sure we weren't attempting to fly out the windows. And then she decided that we were being too loud. And so we went for a drive.

Another quick sidenote: LifeCoach is not the best driver in the world. In fact, I can't remember the last time she drove anywhere. But really, it is for the best. The world is a safer place. Love you, LifeCoach!

So, seeing as how BFF, LifeCoach and I were not fit to drive (BFF and I being under the influence and LifeCoach just being a bad driver), I'm sure your wondering how this act even took place. TCox made it all possible (Not sure if that was a good idea. Especially since I let him drive my car. Up a mountain.)

That's right. We took a drunken drive up a mountain. From what I remember, it was a good drive. Until we had to pee. Drunken pee cannot wait, especially when it is sloshing around your bladder as you careen around mountain curves. And so TCox pulled over. And BFF and I climbed up the hill we were next to to attend to business.

Have you ever peed on a hill? It might seem like a good idea, as the pee runs downhill and eliminates the risk of falling into it. However, a new risk arises. And that is getting pee on your shoes. Which I did. I'm hoping I wasn't wearing flip-flops.

Not the best story involving the BFF, by far. Next time, I'll fill you in on the night we went swimming. On a water bed. And how I lost my sock, my phone, my school ID, and my room key. And how the BFF spilled beer all over TCox's room and my camera. And how everyone thought that she secretly had a leather catsuit hidden in a closet somewhere.

Crap. I pretty much just told the whole story. You're lucky. Two stories in one post. And it wasn't even that long. Maybe M2J2 will read the whole thing this time.