I find it ironic that when I actually have something to blog about, its the same day that my internet decides to not work. And by not work, I basically mean that the person I was stealing internet from decided to wisen up and install a security key. So I suppose I can't really be that upset about it. So anyways, this post is coming to you via my phone. My apologies for no pictures, but take what you can get!

This past weekend was a good one. We had a 'get-together' at my apartment on Friday and there were good times and good people. I especially had a good time, even though my beer pong skills were not up to par. Some practicing is definitely in order.

Saturday I had to go to work for exactly 40 minutes in order to hit my 44 hour mark. Don't get me started on the ridiculousness that is my 44 hour work week. I will post about that later! The rest of the day, however, was spent napping (my favorite!) and then Guitar Hero-ing with Mike until Brittany got home.

Sunday was super, as The C.O.T. had a Super Bowl party complete with quesadillas, wings, pizza, chips and dip, and fruit pizza (gotta throw something a little healthy into the mix!). I was sad that the Cardinals couldn't pull off a win, but that last catch by the Steelers was amazing and I am just glad that it was a good game.

I'm sure you might be wondering about my blog title. It's simple-sometimes I want to inflict great pain on certain people. On Friday, certain people were Will and Joel who kept beating Richard and me at beer pong. At work, certain people are the kids that rattle the gate when we're closed and then, once I give them A Look, they proceed to drag their slimy hands along my window. And sometimes, certain people are even my close friends (none of whom have access to this lovely blog of mine). Has anyone ever had a lopsided friendship? One where you put in more effort than the other person? I'm usually very tolerant of this (probably because I tend to think the best of people. Also because I secretly hope karma will repay me in the future!), but the last month or so, the tolerance has faded. I'm sick of always being the one to remember birthdays and spend hours and tons of money on the perfect present only to be rewarded with nothing in return. I know this is a trivial issue to be worrying about, but its high on my irritation list at the moment. For once, I would like to be put first. But enough about that. Dwelling on the issue will only lead to more bitterness, and so I'm just going to focus on the good times.

I'm sure I've rambled on enough for all of you. And so I shall conclude. Besides, my thumbs are tired.