All Moved In!

It's official! I am entirely, completely done moving into my new apartment. So I don't have a couch. Or a dining room table. Those things will come in due time. For now, here are some pictures of my favorite parts of the apartment. Diane and I have affectionately dubbed it a "Scandinavian Ski Haus." How awesome is that?!

Pretty much, the built-in bookshelves and the fireplace sold me. And I have to thank Miss Kari Burkett for doing such an amazing job at arranging all my books and pictures. I definitely wouldn't have done such a good job! And how do you like my $30 entertainment center? Gotta love CraigsList. Just please ignore the giant whole behind the tv. I'm working on a solution. The deck might just be my very favorite part though. It makes me feel like I'm up in Island Park or Hebgen Lake at my cabin. The fox and raccoon that I've seen in the past 3 days also help with that vision!
My room and the kitchen are the next two projects to tackle. Pictures will come shortly. And cross your fingers for me, because it will require some extreme craftiness on my part. Scary, I know.
On a completely unrelated note, Brittany dragged me to see the midnight premiere of Twilight. And can I just say-BLEGGGH! Pardon me while I go throw up the bucket-sized popcorn and soda I ingested prior to it starting. Don't get me wrong-the books have a great premise and the movie could have been amazing. But the 5-minute long swooning scenes where Bella and Edward gaze hungrily into each others' eyes and then climb to the top of some trees where they spend some quality getting-to-know-you time seriously made me feel ill. And the 12 year old girls next to me having "Edward-gasms" really made me it hard for me to not laugh out loud. Brittany almost made me leave. It also didn't help when Mike said it was the most emo thing he'd ever seen; even more so than an actual emo concert. I couldn't agree more. If the books are as mushy-gushy (which I've heard they are) as the movie, then our relationship will be a short one. At least I got to see the preview for the next Harry Potter movie. I don't think anything can EVER compare (or even come close) to the magic J.K. Rowling managed to produce.
*Sidenote: I am looking for a new purple bedding set. Like the one in Twilight, but not the actual one (which is from Target, and has weird felt flowers and is dry-clean only. Who really dry-cleans a comforter? Who really even washes their comforter that often?). So if you see anything that is a dark-lilac or plum color that has some sort of floral/plant motif and isn't outrageously expensive, let me know. And the same goes for curtains.