The Loves of my Life

Monday night (after watching The Proposal with PIC) was spent lol'ing at Seinfeld, doing The Pro's accounting final, and partaking in some quality texting with QS and The Rangeboy. Somehow, we ended up discussing all the things we love in life. And there's quite a few. Reviewing the list made me super happy and so I decided to post it here. Mainly because it's a pain in the ass having to scroll through all the texts (one thing the iPhone has that I wish my blackberry did), but also because I love making lists.

And so, I present for you, the Loves of my Life:
*Rainy days
*Hot fudge sundaes
*Bars that serve popcorn
*Sappy movies
*Christmas lights
*Driving alone and singing loud
*Sharpie markers
*Ground squirrels
*Glitter and sequins
*Bar trivia
*Rum (even though it makes me crazy and emotional)
*Picking out the perfect present for someone
*Music that says everything you can't say
*Butterflies you get in your stomach when thinking of someone that makes you supremely happy
*BSU football (Go Broncos!)
*Red Sox baseball
*The Super Bowl
*Ryan Reynolds
*Papa Kelsey's
*Waking up and realizing you still have 2 more hours to sleep
*Books that you can't put down
*Marathon phone/text conversations with great friends
*Laughing with little kids
*Laughing until you're crying
*Jimmy Johns
*Running around barefoot
*Wearing glasses
*Gilmore Girls
*Jergens cherry-almond lotion
*Texts From Last Night
*My family
*Making lists
*The moments when everything makes sense
*The fact that I have such good friends that I consider them my 2nd family.

So I could really go on and on. Apparently, I love a lot of things. Some might call it indecisiveness. I call it having a zest for life.


Disco Pierre is famous! I'm sure everyone has heard of If not, then you need to join the 21st century. Anyways, Disco Pierre managed to use his sneaky photography skills and catch this classic WalMarter.

I personally love the brown socks (with sandals) and the fanny pack.

Here's the website. It's an excellent waste of time, if I do say so myself.