Grandma Wava Day makes everything better.

I know I've written about this, one of the holiest of days, before. But I have once again realized just how powerful it truly is. Any problems you may have get erased by french toast, bacon, doughbellies, tater tots, salmon patties, trampolines, and ping pong. If only there was a way to ensure that I could be there on Thursday nights and back to reality by Friday morning...

In other news, I am suffering from my yearly case of laryngitis. Not bad, just very quiet. And it did make me miss out on an awesome night with Houston Calls, but no regrets. I blame the po-lice for that entirely!

Speaking of the po-lice, did I ever tell you about the time we* got pulled over twice in the same day? Oregon cops are assholes. End of story**.

Not really, but I'm tired. Stay tuned!


*When I say we, I mean The Artiste and her sister in one car, and The Hot One, The Roommate, and I in another car.

**When I do tell this story, make sure I mention The Rapist, The Murderer, and the field of razorblades. Seriously.