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I'm bbbbaaaacccckkkkk! Wait-no one realized I was gone? Well, that's just rude.

I wasn't really gone. And it wasn't like I just didn't have anything to blog about. In fact, I think I probably had too much to blog about. Everything was swimming around in my head and had I tried to write it down, it probably wouldn't have made any sense. Even to me.

So here's a quick update: The sister came to visit and overall, it was a good time. There were times of tension, as there usually are, and there was one major mental breakdown on my part, but it was entirely the rum's fault. Other than that, there was family dinner with amazing discussion of parasites, dead mice in shoes, and maggots. There was some good shopping, HARRY POTTER! (totally loved this movie and am sad all over again that there are no more books to come), floating of the river, and a perfect night of baseball. It's crazy to think that the sister leaves for Russia in a mere 22 days. For a year! I know a year will fly by and I'm sure I will head that way to visit and enjoy some chilled vodka, but it will be so WEIRD not having her home at Christmas. Who will I argue with? It's not the same arguing with a picture or even over the phone.

Got treated to a delicious dinner courtesy of LifeCoach and friends this weekend. She whipped up some delicious latkes (potato pancakes) and my hair still smells faintly of fried potatoes. I'm totally okay with it, however, for it reminds me of home!

As for the rest of summer, I'm sure it will be over with the blink of an eye. My fair friends are in town this week for the Canyon County fair (yay for them! And fair food, of course!). My Assistant Manager gets married this Saturday, and the end of next week is the official kick-off to the Circle's cabin trip, minus a few key players (I will really only miss the Dr., though!). Unfortunately, the real world is requiring my presence back in Nampa three days earlier than planned, something I'm not happy about, but will just have to deal with. Plus, I will be stuck in a car with QS and the Rangeboy for up to 6 hours! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Kidding, of course. I'm sure it will be highly entertaining. After that, the summer will end with a bang with the wedding of The Roommate! Due to cash flow and time management issues, this will also serve as the 2009 reunion. Mt. Rushmore best be getting ready!

And that, my friends is life as I have known it for the last little while. As a little parting gift, I leave you with this video, one of my all time favorites. And no, I don't care if you've already seen it a million times. It never gets old!

The Landlord

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