You're it!

I will keep this short since I won't be able to add any pictures. And who really wants to read me rambling on and on?

Anyways, I drove home to Idaho Falls today. And lucky me! I was just in time for Grandma Wava (GW) day!

For those of you that don't know, GW day is when all the cousins still residing in IF converge on the Bott household to eat all they can eat, perform awe-inspiring tricks on the trampoline and generally wear GW down. We try and wear Grandpa Bill down, but he can asleep anytime so it's not quite a challenge.

Anyways, as I was saying, I arrived just in time for a delicious dinner of salmon patties and lumpy potatoes (aka fried potatoes). They were delicious as usual and we finished up with some peaches and homegrown pairs! Oh how I miss dinners like that!

Afterwards, I was challenged to a game of butt-war by Rylee and then I attempted to show everyone how to juggle. They all need a little (ok-a lot!) Of work. Good thing I'm a pro!

Then, the alley neighbors, Alisha and Dylan came over and just like that, I was transported back in time. We were in the middle of a rowdy game of toilet tag, when I was struck with a brilliant idea. I decided to teach them how to play sardines. It took a few games but they finally caught on.

I remember still being in junior high and even high school and playing sardines, kick the can, capture the flag, and any other night games we could think of with my sister and all the neighbor kids. We would play for hours and all over the neighborhood. It kind of makes me sad to think that in this day and age my cousins won't get the joy of running around all night and hiding under or even in the neighbors cars.

And so it shall be my mission to at least pass on the tradition of these wonderful games. And for those of you that get the pleasure of spending time at my cabins this next summer, plan on partaking in all of the above.
Ready or not, here I come!

And just so you know, playing tag almost killed me. I'm definitely not as sprightly as I used to be.