...I forgot a couple of things on my 'Crazy Eights' survey. And because my favorite tv show doesn't start for a little bit, I am going to entertain myself by finishing it. Hopefully it entertains you as well, but I understand if it doesn't!

8 Things on my Wishlist:

1)A new laptop (preferably a MacBook).
2)A new dresser.
3)A bookshelf for all my books!
4)A trip to Greece.
5)A boyfriend. :)
6)A sweet apartment close to downtown.
7)A puppy or a kitty.
8)A genie in a lamp so I could have three crazy wonderful wishes.

8 Tidbits About Me:

1)I've broken four bones-all on my left side.
2)My left arm is now about an inch shorter than my right arm.
3)I am freakishly good at remembering people's phone numbers. Example: I could call the Clair E. Gale attendance office if you wanted me to. Why you would, I'm not sure.
4)Lots of people think my sister and I are twins. I think we look nothing alike.
5)When I get nervous, I cross my left index and middle fingers. Never my right hand. And if my hands are occupied, I cross my big and second toe. But only on my left foot.
6)I primarily breathe only through my mouth. I can breathe through my nose, I just hate it. It makes for some very awesome drooling and snoring stories.
7)I hate hate hate it when it's sunny in the winter. It puts me in the worst mood. Give me cloudy days for three months and I really wouldn't care.
8)I HATE the show Unsolved Mysteries and have since I was 4 or 5. To this day, hearing anything resembling the theme music and I will run for cover.

8 Pet Peeves:

1)People who don't change the roll of toilet paper and just leave the cardboard thing there. I always change it. Even at other peoples houses.
2)Hair in the sink. Before I can wash my hands (even at restaurants, gas stations, etc.), I have to clean/wash out the sink.
3)When people spell my name wrong. It's really not that hard!! Pronouncing it, I understand. But sound it out people!
4)People who claim they are open-minded, but then argue with people about everything.
5)People who act one way, but then another way when they're around a different group of people.
6)When people use alcohol as an excuse for the stupid things they do.
7)People who say that BSU is overrated year after year after year.
8)Bad tippers. I'm always the one who has to make up for them. Unless it's truly warranted, of course.

So that took me way too long. I did, however, have a nice discussion with my dad about pet peeves and took a little break to go on a walk with my dog and 2 cats. Yep-my cats go on walks. But not on leashes. That would be weird.