A story...

Once upon a time, it was Emily's 25th birthday (yes, she is old and yes, she knows it.) Because Emily really loves food and really loves entertainment, she decided to go to Sakana, a japanese hibachi grill for dinner. She was accompanied by two awesome ladies.

As Emily was using her chopsticks to eat her food, she noticed that the other two ladies were not. And so she yelled at them. Don't be fooled by the picture below. She ate maybe 1/4 of her meal with the chopsticks. She does not have the skillz to pay the billz like her older, wiser sister does.

This is an onion candle, created just for Emily by the hibachi chef. She didn't get to blow it out and make a wish, so instead, when the shrimp came flying through the air and Emily caught it (ten points!), she made her wish then.
Emily's dear sister made her this delicious birthday cake, which was enjoyed by all. Including the honey bear, who tried unsuccessfully to beat Emily when blowing out the candles. Good thing his mouth was fake.

Because New Year's eve is so close to the holiday that is Emily's birthday, Emily decided to have a birthday/New Year's extravaganza! She even decorated for the occasion, which never happens.

Her great friend El Prego (who is due any day now!) came with her husband and adorable son who is already a champ at beer pong( not really-he just loved throwing the extra balls around). And do not worry-husband was not allowed to jump off anything onto the Love Sack (a story for another time!).
Emily's new dining room table was converted into a beer pong runway, of sorts. Later that night, the birthday girl and her sister dominated in said game, and will take on any competitors, any time. And we won't even spill a drop on the carpet.

This is Eddie. Eddie was THISCLOSE to peeing on Emily's neighbor's head. Needless to say, the neighbor was not too happy and Eddie spent some quality time with a bucket of water.
*Sidenote: when someone tells you to just go pee outside, make sure you're not peeing onto someone else's porch.
Let's play a fun game. Which sister do you think is older? If you're like Emily's friends and the clerk at the liquor store, you will make the wrong choice. But, Emily is learning to just accept the fact that EVERYONE thinks she looks like she's 19 years old. She just hopes that is really does pay off when she's 40 like they all say.
When Emily first planned her party, she decided that it should have a sequined theme. And so, A Sequined Soiree was born. However, Emily ran out of time to come up with a completely sequined outfit and was forced to rely on a sequined headband. Richard came through with flying sequins however; complete with blinged-out boots!

As midnight struck, champagne bubbled and confetti poppers popped. But the party didn't stop there.

An expedition was taken to visit a creepy monk diorama. Creepy monk later turned out to be St. Francis, the very saint that Emily's apartment is named after. Who woulda thought?

After the expedition, an experiment was conducted to see what would happen when confetti is placed into a glass of champagne. Hopefully, the dye used in said confetti is non-toxic because it leaks like the roof in Karcher Mall. No worries however, for the champfetti was not consumed by anyone.

Good thing the confetti dye did not leak onto Emily's brand-spankin'-new couch. That would have not been a good start to the new year!

All in all, the extravaganza was extravaganzily fun and 2009 started off just fine!
My resolutions post will follow shortly!