One Step Closer...

The application process is complete. I have already been accepted to two schools. Still waiting to hear from my number one choice. It will be a while, considering I just mailed the packet today. Now comes the part where I normally freak out, talk myself out of it, wonder how I could ever leave this place, these people, this life?

But this time? It's different. I'm ready to leave. I've spent the last four years doing the same things. And while I have too many wonderful memories to count, I'm ready to make new ones, with new people, in a new place. I've finally realized that I need to do this for myself, that I can't worry about anyone else, that I can't worry about missing out on things. Because that? Just leads to me missing out on my own life.

So yeah. I'm ready. Ready for something new.


Challis said...

Where are you going?!?! Where do you want to go?