I do believe the last time I updated this thing in terms of fair life, it was when I was in Walla Walla. I also thing I promised a picture of an onion. Unfortunately, that never happened. Working 10 hour days does not leave much extra time for picture taking. But, have no fear, I have other pictures to share!

I am now in Spokane for the Interstate fair. It's a 10-day'er, which is LONG, but it is definitely the busiest one yet, which makes the day go so much faster. Supposedly, we are supposed to have crowds of 200+ people! YIKES! Here's hoping it goes well. I'm working with Rachel and Tammie's daughter Marisa. We are staying at the Park Lane Motel. Let's just say it's on the sketchy side. My room smells like 10-year old smoke and my sheets and pillow sheets don't match. For some reason, that bothers me the most! It's clean though, which I guess is the most important thing!

Tomorrow, I will take pictures of the exhibit (and me being awesome, of course!) so you all will know exactly what my job entails. For now, here are some from the past month.

These are pictures I took of the amazing flowers at the Clark County fair. This is still when I was working with Hailey.

Rachel and I decided to take a day trip to Coeur D'Alene! It was the perfect fall day.
This is me taking over the job as lifeguard of the lake. Good thing there was no one swimming!
Miss Megan Armentrout currently resides in the Spokane area and I'm so excited I got to see her. We went to dinner at this amazing Italian restaurant called Tomato Street. It was delicioso! Especially the house dressing. I even had to buy some to take home! Don't you just love the angel/cherub man posing on the ledge behind us? My favorite part of the picture!

As for my life plan, I plan on moving back to Idaho Falls for the holiday season (October through December) and then moving to Portland in January. At this point, I'm worried about getting into PSU and then paying for it, but I'm taking it one day at a time. The less stress, the better!