Bremily's latest, greatest idea...

As Brittany and I (hence the name Bremily) were sitting at Barnes & Noble, discussing extremely random things (penis pinatas, Jessica Simpson's weight problem, etc.), I was struck with a brilliant idea. There is a chance that The Amazing Race will hold a casting call at Karcher Mall, just as they held the Survivor one. If and when that happens, Brittany and I will be in line, waiting to be discovered.

How could this not be a great idea? Brittany and I are everything the other is not. I'm not especially athletic, so she's got running up hills, carrying buckets of water on her shoulders covered. She's not particularly fond of anything academic, so put me in charge of the puzzles and we're good to go. Combine all of that with our sparkling personalities and we're shoo-ins.

I almost described our personalities as spunky, but then had second thoughts, as it didn't conjure up the image I wanted. Which then got me thinking, what exactly does spunky mean and where did the word come from? Amongst our other random conversations, we also started discussing weird words. Spunky was one of them. Poignant was another. And how about permeating? Ok, permeating isn't that weird of a word. If I really took some time, I could probably list many more crazy words, but that idea has since lost some appeal. Besides, it's way past my bedtime! Sweet dreams!