Back again...

What up everybody? So glad ya here*. Once again, it's been a while. Probably far too long. But that's what happens when you're living life. Or so people tell me.

At the moment, I am home in Idaho Falls, recovering from a tonsillectomy and septoplasty. Basically, I had my tonsils taken out, my turbinates reduced, and my septum straightened. All because of a little thing called sleep apnea. I know you might be asking "isn't that all a little extreme?" And to that I say, it's better than my other option, which was this:

That is a CPAP Machine. Being the single girl that I am, my doctor and I agreed that this wasn't something I wanted to deal with for the rest of my life. It's hard enough finding someone in this big, crazy world; now just imagine having to explain that giant contraption to anyone I chose to invite into my bed. That's hot, right? Except not so much.

And so surgery was underwent. I was actually really nervous about my recovery; the postings on the message boards I found online weren't the most comforting ('worse than childbirth,' 'burning pain of the hell-like variety,' 'someone kill me now.' Not really what you want to hear the night before surgery). Thankfully, I recovered much better than normal and I already notice the difference in my breathing. Not sure about the snoring, as that is hard to monitor when I'm asleep.

Anyways, recovery has been good. Very lazy. Blogging is definitely helping me pass the time. As in, reading other people's blogs, not writing them. Obviously. And so, I thought I would give a shout-out to some of my favorites. Because if I like them, everybody should like them. Click on the picture and away you'll go!

Yes and Yes is a great one, especially because she actually gave up her job, her home, her life-as-she-knew-it to travel the world, explore new cultures, and expand her horizons. Hello? That is my dream. So not only does she have great advice and great stories, but she also interviews really interesting people. The latest? A transvestite.

This is honestly one of the most random blogs I have ever read. You never know what you're going to get, but you can always count on it as being hilarious and well-written.

Kathleen is just a very relatable** person. She left her hometown and moved to Vegas to be with her boyfriend, she's homesick, she has great fashion-sense and she tells great stories.

Miss Jamie Varon is another one of those dare-to-live people. I discovered her right after she moved to Italy. Just because. She also appeals to my entrepreneurial side; she started Shatterbox Media and also made national news when she used Twitter to help her get a job. She is also the new roommate of this girl down below...

...and together, they provide some very entertaining writing. Nicole is basically what I aspire to be, although with not so much of a focus on sex, seeing as how I don't have all the experience. She talks like she writes, which has always been one of my favorite styles. Basically, she's crazy and don't we all need a little more crazy in our lives (of the good variety, of course)?

Basically, my day is made anytime any of these ladies post. And with them in mind, I am going to try and be a little more consistent with my blogging. We'll see how it goes.

But now, I need to see to my nasal rinse. Such an exciting life I lead. Who wouldn't want to read about it?

*That's right. I busted out some Coolio.

**Apparently, relatable is not a word. Which is ridiculous. How else can you describe someone who people can relate to? I think it's time I start my own dictionary. I'm sure it would be helpful to all.