An insightful evening...

Here are some things I learned at the Cobra Starship concert last night:

1) Whoever invented skinny jeans should have included a warning label that stated:

I mean REALLY??!! Don't get me wrong-there are plenty of people out there that can rock the look and rock it well. However, said people are usually waifish and have legs that resemble chopsticks. And I completely get that all the cool kids are wearing what their favorite band members are wearing. And yes, they are almost always wearing skinny jeans. But may I point out that most band members are approximately 6' tall or have a 28 inch waist? So until you start either a)burning thousands of calories from dancing around 7 stages a week or b)take up consisting on a diet of alcohol, cigarettes, and cocaine and reach the level of skinniness to appropriately pull the look off, PLEASE reach for something a little more flattering next time you go shopping. You can still be punk rock. Why not try one of those ridiculous knit hat/turban things or cut half your hair off? And by the way, I STRONGLY reccommend the dancing thing over the cocaine thing.

2) I'm old. Not only did I have to use earplugs to prevent permanent hearing loss, I didn't even recognize some of the songs played in between bands! I pride myself on being up-to-date with all the latest music. Why do you think my satellite radio is currently tuned to XM Top 20? Yes, I recognized MOST of the music. I sang along with Rhianna and 'Don't Stop the Music' and put 'my hands in the ayer, ayer' with Will.I.Am. But when EVERYONE around me started singing something about making their hips swing, I kind of just stood there and wished I could change the channel. It was the kind of rap that my mom always says gives her a pounding headache that matches the beat. When I almost got a headache that pounded along with the beat, I knew that I had reached a new level of oldness. Good thing I can still hide the earplugs with my hair!

And remember at high school dances when everyone would line dance to 'Cotton-Eyed Joe?' I don't think that happens anymore. I think the new dance of choice is 'Superman That 'Ho' by Soulja Boy (aka 'Crank That'). Good song with good dance moves, but come on? Can it really replace 'Cotton-Eyed Joe?' I think not.

And because I have an inordinate amount of time on my hand, I looked up both dances on YouTube for you. Unfortunately, there was not one good one of 'Cotton-Eyed Joe.' So here's the music video. Same goes for the Soulja Boy song, although this video really isn't that bad.

3) Technology is taking over the world. And it's not necessarily a good thing. While I think it's a really cool thing that you can buy concert tickets just by sending a text message, I really don't see the point in going to a concert if you're going to spend the whole damn time texting someone who isn't there. Two girls in front of us literally didn't put their cell phones down one time during the concert-not even when they were jumping up and down.

I love texting. It makes boring classes and meetings tolerable. It makes communication that much easier. But those people who send thousands of messages every month really just need to get a life. Try some face-to-face conversation. Or even phone-to-phone conversation. Crazy idea, I know.

But yeah, the concert was fun. Great music and plenty of crazy people to keep me entertained. And all that jumping around and singing was a pretty good workout. A couple more concerts like that and maybe I'll be able to rock some skinny jeans!