The characters in my life...

First of all, I am aware that no one can post comments on my blog. I guess that's what I get for trying to be fancy. I'm working on fixing it, but without a real computer, it's a little challenging.

Second, after being yelled at twice, I decided that today is the day I post the cast list of the story that is my life. I'm starting slowly, with just the people that were afore- mentioned and the people who play a daily part.

Introducing Partner-In-Crime (aka PIC): Met her at Old Navy a mere three or so years ago, but it feels like I grew up with her. When we're together, our IQ's drop considerably, but the FQ (Fun Quotient) basically doubles! She's married to M2-J2, has the best little dog ever, is obsessed with crafting, and I can always count on her to eat french fries with me, dance (almost) all night long, and pick my drunk ass up (unless it's too far away. Bitch!).

M2-J2: Married to PIC, loves Star Wars, and has a film degree from UofA, hates Boise and basically belongs somewhere in the music industry. Loves Guitar Hero. Scared me when I first met him, but now he's awesome! Just don't ever try and use one of his brand-new toothbrushes. You'll hear about it for years to come!

The BFF: Best friends since junior high, basically like a second sister and now my second mom! Married to The Golfer, actual mother to Princess Ballerina, and co-founder of The Circle of Trust (see below). Wouldn't know what to do without her! I think I will always have to live in the same town as her. Otherwise, I'd go crazy.

LifeCoach (LC. NOT too ever be confused with that girl from that show that my LC would never voluntarily watch.): Met our freshman year of college, bonded over her love of Gap hoodies and my employee discount. Only person on our floor that actually did well that first semester. She loves eggplants, Anthropologie, and shopping. I totally predicted her marriage and it came true shortly after. Had the best Bully ever and now the best Bruce ever. Should basically become a real life LifeCoach, as she has helped me find and led me down the right path numerous times. When we are old, we are starting a Ladies who Lunch club.

The Roommate: Lived with her all four years of college. Didn't always get along. Bonded for life our senior year all because of a brand new couch. Currently lives in South Dakota and is getting married in August.

The Hot One: Lived together freshman and sophomore year. She got smokin' hot somewhere in between sophomore and junior year. Hates it when you show pictures of her freshman year! Loves football, basketball, and horses. Currently lives in PTown and doesn't visit me nearly as often as she should!

The Artiste: Grew up with The Hot One, definitely intimidated me when we first met. Married to The Backbreaker, mother to DAD and TED. Loved the outdoors, loves to paint (although she hasn't had much time for it lately!). Throws sweet parties. Will always remember her for 'rocking the Winnie' and for getting lost downtown.

The Circle of Trust: Founded by the BFF and the Golfer. Is a very exclusive, high-class group that has extreme membership standards. Must be born into or unanimously voted into, and you must be willing to travel, eat out a lot, and suffer through the boys' basketball games. Basically my second family! Other members include:
Princess Ballerina
The Doctor
Swoobs (not an official nickname, as she hates it. Once birthday present is received, it will be reviewed.)
The Vandal
The Range Boy

Other minor, but just as important players:
The Lifer-only person I know who still works at Old Navy. Awesome bowler, married to The Cowboy, lives too far away to hang out regularly.
The Boy Roommate-current roommate, met at Old Navy. Birthday is Tuesday. Party is Saturday!
The Cheer King-former employee at BCBG. He still works there, coaches cheer on the side, and is working on his cosmetology degree. Just turned 21. Crazy fun!

I'm sure I forgot people. But that is what updates are for! As for me, time to actually start working! A real update will come soon!