The end of fair life...

My time as a carny is officially coming to an end. I'm extremely happy to be leaving spokane and our ghetto motel. It's located on Sprague Street and I recently found out that it is the second most well-known street for prostitutes in the nation! We actually did see a real-live one the other night, walking in front of our motel. It was pretty awesome, in a very funny way!
I am sad, however, for the experience to end. I definitely stepped out of my safe zone and I'm glad that I can do it successfully. I met a whole lot of wonderful people and had some really good times.
I will always remember the crazy cow kid who tried to jump off the stage in vancouver. I will remember partying it up with renee in downtown portland and driving to The Sand Bar in Moses Lake with 10 people in a van with no seats. I will always remember playing 'your team-my team' and telling crazy janitor pat to leave people alone. Never will I forget crazy anthony who tried to fight joe and rachel and said the famous "I know how to play pool. My grandpa plays for money!" And then there was spokane-hanging out with marmentrout, perfecting my juggling skills, meeting marissa (who is my twin, only younger, and my new bfff!), watching SuperBad for the 12th time with HOT Ben, and guarding all our valuables from stupid spokanites (they stole rachel's wallet, marissa's lunchable, and marbles, poppers, and magnetic wheels.
We are packing up tonight (say a little prayer for my feet, since I'm wearing flip flops!), and then I will drive to Boise tomorrow. It will be weird to have to make my own bed, but good to be home just the same!