That's what happens when I ramble...

So I really didn't mean for my post about my sister teaching in Russia to turn into a post about how I'm unhappy with my life. Apparently, rambling on and on about high school made me forget my true intention. Which was to state how fast a person can change in such a short amount of time.

Back to the sister. (Really-the high school part should have taken up merely a paragraph or so and not the entire blog. But, at least the BFF enjoyed it!) Sister used to have a very stubborn stance on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and even meat. She dumped my dad's scotch down the toilet. She hid his cigarettes. She forced me to eat tofu.

And then she went to college. And, of course, that all changed. As it rightly should. College is the time when you actually, sort of figure out who you are as a person. Turns out she is someone who likes beer (seriously? How are we related?), who smoked the hooka (I totally call BS on this one, because she still gives my dad a hard time about smoking. Which is totally warranted. Except if you're going to participate in a very similar activity. [And yes, I know how small the actual amount of tobacco is. It's still tobacco.]) with my cousin, and has even come back around to the dark side. Of red meat, that is (and meat in general).

And none of this makes her a bad person (except for when she does this whole judgment thing she's fond of that drives me crazy!). In fact, it just makes it so we have more in common.

Sister also used to be shy. I was outgoing. She hated sleepovers, and I encouraged my friends to have them. I had (and still have) a million different friends and I love trying to keep up with them all. She was more of a homebody, which my mother was absolutely fine* with.

And then, like I said above, she went to college. And when she came back for the summer, she got a job in West Yellowstone. And worked with some crazy people. And was never at the cabin when her dear, sweet, older sister traveled many miles to hang out. Apparently, bon fires in the middle of the forest were cooler than sitting around watching Conan with older sister and dad. Go figure, right?

Which brings me to my other point. Why the heck wasn't I at the bonfires with her? She invited me numerous times and my parents even told me to go. Basically, sometime after I graduated from college, I became an old fart. And really, the appeal of the comfy chair and Conan was so much greater than drinking gross Schmirnoff Ice** in the freezing woods, while possibly being stalked by a bear or a mountain man. Add that to the fact that I would have to try and make conversation with people I didn't know and I was willing to stay home on a Sunday night and watch Charlie Rose with the dad.

And there you have it. The true story of how my sister and I switched personalities (with some me-whining-about-life thrown in for a little spice). Maybe we switched ages somewhere along the way too? Yet another old lady asked me what high school I went to today. Good thing she didn't have a cane, or I would have knocked her on her ass with it.

I kid! I kid!
Over and out.

*My mother's idea of grounding me was not letting me hang out with my friends on the weekend. "You're grounded. Now, where should we go to dinner and what movie should we see? And let's go to Target afterwards!"

**I really need to learn to drink beer. Or at least get a flask so that I can carry around my girlie hard alcohol at any time. Problems, problems.