My blog is boring.

After discovering some very funny and very entertaining blogs (I had a very productive day at work!), I decided that my own blog needs some help. And so some changes will be coming soon. I know you are all excited.

Until then, a quick story. My apartment smells like weed. That's right-it smells like pot, reefer, ganja, wacky tobacky, or whatever else you want to call it. Funny thing is-I do not nor have I ever smoked pot in my life. Niether has the roommate (at least not in our apartment). And I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbors do not partake in the activity either. So where did the smell come from?

My friendly, woodland neighbor, Mr. Skunk.

I can't remember if I mentioned the fact that I basically live in a forest. To date, I've seen two foxes, three deer, numerous raccoons, and most recently, a skunk. And on Saturday night, I was awoken by a very strong, very specific smell. Someone pissed Mr. Skunk off. And now I know that as the smell dissipates, it very strongly resembles the scent of marijuana.

How I know what marijuana smells like is another story completely.