Workin' out, weddings, and wings...

I finally sucked it up and made my way back to the gym today. And it was not fun. But is the gym ever really fun? As I was sweatin' it out, listening to some sweet tunes, a couple thoughts came to mind and I thought I would share with you. I know you're excited!

There was this man. He was wearing a rainbow-striped jacket. It was manly rainbow striped, mind you, but it was still RAINBOW STRIPED. Needless to say, I was jealous. And if I could have snuck my way into the men's locker room and stolen it, I would have.

(The rainbow jacket also made me think about my awesome Rainbow Bright halloween costume. And how pissed I was when two other girls were wearing the same costume downtown. Except they were lazy and bought their costume, unlike myself. But I digress...)

There was this other man. He was in front of me, and he was spinning like no other. He was also sweating like no other. We're talking dripping buckets of water. All over the bike. All over the floor. It was gross. So gross I had to focus on the woman running on the treadmill behind me who was making shooshing noises as she was breathing. How am I supposed to concentrate on not falling off the elliptical with these two?

My last thought involved the girl at reception desk. Wearing three-inch heels. Hi, you work at a gym. A smelly, sweaty, swooshy gym. Why are you dressed up? Why is any of the staff dressed up? Hell, the trainer wearing new pants is too dressed up if you ask me. I get the whole "being professional" thing, but at a gym? I think as long as you don't smell and don't drip sweat on me, then we're good to go!

But enough about the gym. Without the crazies there to entertain me/gross me out, what's the point of going? Oh. Right. Working out. I suppose that's a good point. And as time is ticking in the COT weight loss challenge, I should probably make the gym my new best friend.

In other news, wedding season has officially begun. I got the chance to celebrate the nuptials of Ben and Raylene on Saturday. It was definitely a weird experience being in the audience. But quite an enjoyable one. Instead of worrying about being watched, I got to do the watching! And there were some very HOT firemen to watch! And some funny, drunken dancing. And The Teacher was a bridesmaid and she did a beautiful job. Favorite part? Besides the cake, you mean? Loved her dress and I loved the fact that they got to ride around in an old school fire truck. Very romantic! I have more thoughts of weddings, but I'll save them for another post.

Because I want to talk about wings! Buffalo wings, to be exact. Select members of the COT and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings yesterday and I'm in love. Not only with the wings (honey bbq style) and the fries, but with TRIVIA! I know I posted about trivia before, but can I just say how much I love it? Random, useless facts combined with my really good knack for guessing equals the best time ever! So who wants to go?