Weekend Update

So far, my weekend has been pretty uneventful. Went to bed early last night, worked today, and then I got to see Miss R (my cousin from IF) at her gymnastics competition! Despite the fact that it lasted approximately 3 hours longer than it should have, it was a good time! She can flip with the best of them. I am always amazed at the thighs gymnasts have. How do they find pants that fit both their waist and thighs? I would probably just wear a lot of skirts.

But enough about thighs! Tomorrow I get to mini-golf it up in honor of The Golfer's birthday. I'm sure I will dominate (unless any of the holes have a raised cup. Anybody know what I'm talking about? They get me every time.), but in case I don't, at least there will be cake! That wraps this installment up, with the exception of this...

M2J2, this rap is just for you.
You've got a cute dog and a very cool wife,
But living in Boise is causing you some strife.
Take my advice and live and let be,
Because without this town, you wouldn't have met me!

Heeyyy! Who's a rapper now?


Frivolous Diane said...

FINALLY working! Thank goodness.

And your rap is awesome. I had no idea that you had such mad skills.

MayhemMike said...

I must say that your rhyme skills far surpass mine on all accounts. I am just wo
ndering why you are still working in retail when you possess such a mad freestyle. You definitely need to rethink your career path and we should start by moving to a place where your talent won't go to waste... Seattle perhaps?