Days like these...

First, I have to make some changes to the cast list. From here on out:
The Vandal is now QS.
The Golfer is now The Pro (he is lucky he gets this name, since he picked it out. And it is true, he is The Pro. At procrastinating, whining, ordering expensive food, and not being successful at anything having to do with water).

And together, they are starting a blog (thanks to me!). It should be a funny one. But we will see.

Anyways, blacklight golfing was fun, Tucanos (the new Brazilian grill) is lame because it is closed on Sundays, BFF makes damn good cupcakes, and the boys tried to teach us this new game called Pyramid, which is actually just Egyptian Rat Screw. I was definitely off my game last night and sucked it up. There's always next time, though.

Today pretty much sucked. I woke up late (as usual), work sucked, I had the worst headache, and had to use M2J2 and PIC's computer to do some lame work shit. Whoever thought that working 50 hours but only getting paid for 40 hours was a good idea was a complete asshole. I will find ways to make up for it though. Its just the way of the world.

The dog is currently trying to chew through the box and get her toy out. What an awesomely mean game! M2J2 is pretty much an awesomely mean person though.

Tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and apparently The Artiste and I have a new tradition. She just had TAD in January and is fully ready to celebrate. Just like we did last year. So it is kind of like her one holiday out a year. We will see what happens!

I still need to add new cast members. But I'm tired and still grouchy. So suck it.


MayhemMike said...

AVA deserves being tormented for all of the face lickings and air humpings she deals up to the Jones Family. I am just trying to turn her into a bad-ass mini-dachshund! When you are a mini you gotta have big attitude and I am just the one to teach her that!

Frivolous Diane said...

Yikes. You need ice cream.

volleyballstuds said...

You are a dead woman! Its a good thing i decided to read some blogs today. First, your blog is almost unreadable with all of these damn nicknames. No one can keep track of your 15 sets of friends using their real names. Second, who the hell are you calling a procrastinator? When does grad school start? Finally, you'll always be off your game when competing against t&a! Beotch.