Pumpkins, Transformers, and Jabbawockeez...Oh My!


The first party of the season was at Hillary and Natalie's assistant manager's house. They seriously go all out. They do an amazing job and it was a great time. They created a haunted house of their very own and they even had Sheila the psychic from 105.9 FM there to read Tarot Cards and look into the future for everyone. It was definitely worth the 2 hour wait! In case you can't tell, we dressed up as 'Deal or No Deal,' complete with the shaving of Tony's head. Aaron was 'Dick-in-A-Box.' If you don't know what that is, it's a SNL skit that you should look up online. Very funny. Unfortunately, we didn't win the costume contests. Believe me, we tried. However, I now know that when we try to stuff the voting box, we need to switch up the handwriting!

For the actual holiday, I was in Idaho Falls. My dad and I carved pumpkins the night before and mine took FOREVER! I got a lot of compliments on it, though, so what can you do? I handed out candy with my mom earlier in the evening. We had so many trick-or-treaters, it was ridiculous. Seriously, there must have been like 75 people. We went through 6 huge bags of candy. There were some good costumes, though. I went and saw my cousins at Grandma Wava's house. Rylee was 'Pumpkin Spice' and Andrew was a Transformer. Tony, Hillary, and Whitley came over to visit and my Grandma totally dragged out the family videos. I don't know why, but I do know that she better watch out. She's in for some revenge! Afterwards, I stopped by Bowl-Ero to see my crazy friends. Avacado, Doug, and Greg had the BEST costume. They went as the Jabbawockeez from America's Best Dance Crew. I totally might have to steal their idea for next year! All in all, it was another spooktacular Halloween. Can't wait for next year!