Anti-bacterial Argument...

As we were shopping the aisles at my most favorite store (Target, of course), Brittany and I got into a sort of argument. An argument about soap, to be exact.

Emily: Oooh look! New holiday soap. I dare you to smell this one. (It was the Toasted Hazelnut Method soap and it smells horrible!)
Brittany: Ewww. That is gross! Do any of these smell good?
Emily: Not really. I just always buy the plain, old, fragrance-free stuff.
Brittany: Yeah, we just buy all our soap at Bath & Body Works.
Emily: I know. You buy that anti-bacterial crap. You know you're just helping all those bacteria grow stronger. Soon they will take over the world.
Brittany: You sound just like Mike's Dad. You guys are all crazy. If we don't use anti-bacterial soap, then how do we kill all the gross germs?
Emily: Hello? There is nothing wrong with regular soap. How did people survive in the past without anti-bacterial soap? They did just fine. They probably did even better.
Brittany: Whatever. You need to get a real life. One that doesn't focus on what kind of soap people use.
Emily: Whatever yourself. You need to buy me my own soap to use at your house.

And then we were distracted by the toy section. However, I didn't give up on my soap crusade. Instead, I did some research and sent Brittany an email. Did you know that anti-bacterial soap has been found to cause a 30% increase in the amount of asthma and allergies in young children? It's all because they are growing in too sterile of an environment. And MRSA, that crazy new staph infection? Yep, just stronger bacteria that is resistant to normal anti-biotics.

So yeah, I'm sure this is one of my more boring posts. But I thought everyone needed to know!


Diane said...

I kind of thought the hazelnut smelled good, BUT I would not like it in soap. I did buy the spiced pear and it was nice. I'm with you on the anti-bacterial stuff.

Danny and Kaelynn Baird said...

The snow only stuck around for one morning, so it's not too bad, but it's 25 degrees here right now. The only good thing about the snow and cold is Christmas. :) I liked your Halloween costume as well. I don't think I've ever seen Tony with a shaved head before. What are you up to for the holidays?