Giving Some Thanks, volume 4


Today is the big day. The turkey is nestled in Brittany's oven (I'm hoping anyways), my brownies and rice krispie treats are ready to go, and my fingers are ready to rock some Band Hero. Even though I wish I was home with my crazy wonderful family, I am very thankful that I have a houseful of crazy wonderful people to celebrate it with here. Have a good one!

Giving Some Thanks, volume 3

Tonight I am thankful for my bed. For it is the most comfortable bed in all the land. And it is calling my name as I type this.

*The cartoon has nothing to do with my bed. But a narcoleptic turkey? Definitely made me laugh.

Giving Some Thanks, volume 2

Today I am thankful for books. Of all kinds. The following are just a few of my favorites (and also what I'm currently reading):

I've always been a big reader. And also a fast one. In elementary school, when the teacher would make us read in groups, my group members would make me speed-read whatever we were assigned so we could be the first group finished. Problem was, however, that I was the only one who understood anything of what I read. Little did my group members know that they were making themselves look bad and me look even better.

Anyways, my current job allows a lot of time for reading, and while I may complain about my job (A Lot), this is one aspect I do enjoy. For that one moment when I immerse myself in someone else's words, I am also immersed in someone else's world. The truly great writers have an uncanny ability to put me right in the middle of the action, freezing in the pouring rain or crying when Dumbledore died. No matter the situation, for a few moments each day, I get the chance to escape from all the trifling events in the world. And for that, I am very thankful.

Giving some Thanks, volume 1

So yeah. I know it's been a while since I've blogged. Quite a while, actually. But every time I sat down and tried to write something, nothing good would come out. And I don't really have anything good to say right now, but in honor of Thanksgiving, I think I will try and post one thing I am thankful for every day. And for today, I am thankful for...

C.O. Bigelow Spearmint Mentha LipShine. I am thankful for it's minty freshness and it's shiny goodness. I am thankful that it's always there when I need it (unless I put it somewhere unexpected and can't find it and then it stresses me out). I am easily obsessed with things, but at the same time, if something new and better comes along, I can change my mind just like that. But this stuff? Has been at the top of my list for all my chapped lipped needs ever since I discovered it. Thanks you C.O. Bigelow. My lips love you.