The Mom Chronicles

My mom is awesome. In more ways than one. Today, I share her with you.

Mom: So after we left Barnes and Noble, we decided to go to Dairy Queen for dinner. Except N had to get M, and then L didn't know how to get there so she followed me.

Me: Ok.

Mom: But then I forgot that L was following me and when I tried to look for her, there was this big truck behind me. So I slowed way down so he would get mad and pass me, but he didn't. So then we were almost to DQ and I still didn't know if L was behind me. So I turned on Woodruff and pulled over.

Me: This is the longest story ever.

Mom: Be quiet. I haven't even gotten to the good part. So I try to call L but my cell phone is dead, but then this nice man comes to my window. He wants to know if I want to buy peaches. I tell him no, but ask if I can borrow his cell phone to call L. He says yes and so I try to call L and N, but they both didn't answer. So then he says I can text them if I want, but I don't know how to text. So then he does it for me. And then I tell him the story about how I broke my ankle and the other nice man that helped me then.

Me: Why did you tell him that story?

Mom: Because they were both nice. But anyways, then I decided that since he was so nice that I would buy some peaches. So I bought a bag of peaches for $5, but then I only had a $10 bill. So I bought 2 bags of peaches.

Me: Why didn't you just get change?

Mom:......I don't know. Think grandma will want some peaches?

Gotta love her.