The Vice President almost ruined my day.

As Diane and I were on our way to renew her driver's license (that's a funny story! You should ask her about it!), we decided to take a detour. A detour to the Special Olympics, to be exact. The figure skating finale was today, and not only was the Vice President (of the United States, just to clarify!) going to present the medals, but so was Michelle Kwan. Apparently, she has always been Diane's idol, so of course we had to go.

After finally finding parking, we hoofed it to the Qwest Arena, only to be yelled at by a not-so-nice cop. Basically, we were five minutes too late, as the arena was on lockdown awaiting his arrival. So instead, we hovered on the edge of Front Street, stared at some handsome Secret Service men (they really know how to wear their pinstriped pants!), and finally, we glimpsed a view of the side of his head! Probably not as exciting as watching some awesome figure skating, but I will take what I can get.

After that, our adventures took us to the courthouse, where I was mistakenly suspected of trying to sneak a utility knife in (it was a Coca-cola key chain, for pete's sake! Apparently, the scanner must prefer Pepsi.). And then I was introduced to the deliciousness that is Blue Sky Bagels. I hate bagels, but apparently I love bagel sandwiches! Anyways, it was an eventful day. And my mother is slowly recovering. And I don't want to go back to work. Ah, but such is life!


Diane said...

Best day ever!!!