A funny thing happened...

A funny thing happened tonight. I changed my mind about fate.

A little background: I changed my mind about fate one other time, about 3 months ago. Before that, I had always believed that my life was already mapped out for me and that I would eventually end up where I was supposed to. If something didn't go my way, then I tried to look on the bright side and trust that it was supposed to be that way.

Anyways, I was considering moving to Oregon and things were not going my way. At all. And so I posed a question on MySpace asking what to do when fate steps in and flips things around 180 degrees. Every response I got told me that fate is for losers. The only really successful people out there make their own fate and create their own destiny. And so I decided to change my outlook on fate, and just life in general. I started doing things because I wanted to, not because I thought I was supposed to. For the most part, nothing really changed. I did become more decisive, something that needed to happen. And I did stress out a little more, always questioning whether or not I made the right decision. What decisions, you may ask? I decided to stay in Boise. I decided to move somewhere downtown. And I decided to get my teaching degree. Not everyone thinks I made the right decisions. But I do, and that's all that matters.

Anyways, back to tonight. After Mike and Brittany so graciously helped me move about 3/4 of my stuff into the new apartment, Brittany and I decided to go to Old Chicago for dinner. As we chowed down, we decided that we were going to the hockey game this coming Wednesday and then to Hannah's to have a reunion with Rocci Johnson (Rocci Johnson herself deserves an entire blog dedicated just to her. That will come later.). So we checked to see if there is a game on Wednesday (there is) and then we decided to check in with our long-lost friend Jason, who bartends at the hockey game (meaning we get free drinks). I sent a text message and got a reply of "Who is this? I'm on my 4th phone this year and don't have anyone's numbers."

Now, I've gotten this text message before. And he probably really is on his 4th phone of the year. But Jason is also kind of a player and has too many girls numbers to count. And so Brittany and I decided to play a game of "Guess who this is." It basically involved not telling him who I was, but still asking him if he bartends and if he would give us free drinks. Jason is apparently a little desperate these days, because he was pretty insistent on finding out who I was. He even promised me free drinks for life. Tempting, but we figured he'd give them to us anyways, and we'd still get to drive him crazy for a night.

And so we left. We parked in the garage, and had just barely gone over the first hour (which means we were going to have to pay). And so Brittany suggested that we walk down 8th Street and see her friend Wendy's new shop. And who happened to walk by as we were looking at the window display of the shop? Jason. And who did he happen to be on the phone with? My voicemail. And who supposedly doesn't get free drinks ever again for playing a mean trick? Me.

Really funny story! Brittany and I laughed about it forever. And then fate popped into my mind. Here's the thing:

1. We never go to Old Chicago. Ever. And if we do, we always go to the one at the mall because that's basically where we live.
2. We haven't seen Jason in literally 2 years. After we both stopped working with him, we saw him every now and then, but that was REALLY 2 years ago.
3. We were really only over on our hour by like 4 minutes and probably wouldn't have been charged anyways.
4. We just happened to stare at the windows for a really long time because Brittany thought she recognized something from Michaels and then had to tell me a long, involved story.

And so, after a discussion with Brittany, I once again have a new outlook on fate and the role it plays in my life. I still believe that fate has a part in my life, and a pretty big one at that. I also believe that the decisions I make can alter the role fate plays in my life, but that eventually, I will end up exactly where I'm supposed to.

And don't think that I now believe that Jason and I are meant to be together or some crap like that. Brittany and I merely decided that we were supposed to get caught and ultimately that we were meant to be such good friends and such awesome people in general! And here's hoping Jason will still give me free drinks. I don't have a job after all!