One of those days...

Today has actually been a really good day. I woke up to some amazing snow, got so much done at work (which is actually working out really well, despite the fact that I am now officially a commuter), and ate some really delicious food (food is always a good thing.) And yet I still just feel kind of melancholic. Not sad, per say. Just kind of like I want to curl up in bed with a really good, really sad book. Unfortunately, I just read the 7th Harry Potter book not too long ago and I don't think Wicked is going to cut it.

Thank goodness for Love Actually. A happy-sad-Christmas movie all in one.

I can't wait to go home for Christmas. Even if it is just for 36 hours.


Diane said...

I just watched Love Actually too! So sweet, funny, AND sad. Love it!

Danny and Kaelynn Baird said...

Have you read the other two in the Wicked series? I think I want to get the third one, but I haven't decided yet.
I'm sorry you were having a blah day. :(