Bruises, mosquito bites, and bonding time.

You know the saying "I need a vacation from my vacation?" I am definitely feeling that way after last weekend's Circle Cabin trip. I was only technically on vacation for a mere 5 days (which definitely wasn't long enough), but I squeezed in as much fun as possible. And I have the cuts and bruises to prove it.

QS and I left town Thursday night, with BFF and the family not far behind. Thankfully, I was only forced to ride with QS for half the time, as we met up in Twin Falls and switched off. He's definitely a backseat driver. And there is no need to be, for I have excellent driving skillz*.

I headed up to the cabin on Friday to spend some quality time with the mother and the sister. Sister leaves on Tuesday for Russia, so Saturday was really our only chance to bond, as the mother put it. And we did, by regressing back into our teenage selves, complete with tube surfing, handstand contests, and water wrestling.

The family left on Sunday, only to be replaced shortly after with The Circle, minus The Rangeboy, a sad and unfortunate exception. The next two days were spent jet skiing, drinking, jet skiing, eating, jet skiing, and taking naps. All in all, it was a damn good time. Triple K and QS finished off the Jose that someone so kindly left us, and the night was complete as Triple K thought the lightning outside was someone taking a picture of him peeing. He also managed to steal my bed from me, when he gracefully crashed into the bunk bed ladder, proving it would be a definite liability to try and make him actually climb up there to go to bed.

Due to some unforseen circumstances, our Tuesday plan of four-wheeling was replaced with some good old-fashioned sight-seeing. We fed the fish at Big Springs, and took the scenic route so we could see the natural wonder that is Mesa Falls. Made it home in time to have dinner with the family, and then it was Wednesday. Which meant that I was forced to head back to the real world. So far, it is no fun. And niether was this blog post. Please to excuse the lack of pictures. BFF has all the good ones, and she is still on vacation. I will add some spice as soon as she gets back.

*Kidding, QS. Not about the backseat driver thing, but about being forced to drive with you. You are an excellent co-pilot and might give BFF a run for her money someday.