I am currently listening to 3Oh!3. If you don't know who they are, you need to find out. Nothing is better than 2 white boys from Colorado rapping to some tight techno beats. Unless you are front and center for their kick-ass performance like I was last night. To help you out, I've put the link to their "Don't Trust a Ho" music video on here. The video: definitely sub-par, but the song still rocks and that's what matters!


They weren't even the headliners on the tour. We also got to see Rocket to the Moon, Hit the Lights, Family Force 5 (my new fave!), and The Maine, all bands that are worth checking out. And I have excellent taste in music, so do yourself a favor! : )

The Knitting Factory was pizzacked, and my poor feet are suffering because of it. Who was a dumbass and wore flip flops to the concert? Yep, that would be me. I know better, so don't ask me what I was thinking. My legs aren't feeling too hot either, but I am totally ok with that, seeing as how jumping around and dancing for 4 hours straight is an awesome workout. Again, we were surrounded by 12 years old wearing neon of all sorts, but if I look like an 18 year old everywhere else, then I'm sure I fit right in.

One last thing: never have I ever wanted to punch someone so much as the two people who tried to stand in front of us. When we didn't move, they literally grabbed me by my belt loops and tried to move me over. My elbows had something else to say about that, however. They do come in handy every now and then. Also pissed at whoever spit their gum into my shirt, as I didn't realize it until I got home and by then, it had congealed itself to my clothing. Bastards!

Moving on. The rest of my weekend was also quite enjoyable. Work on Friday night definitely didn't count, but Saturday was Lifecoach's husband's birthday and we ate dinner at Tavern at Bown Crossing. Expensive, but delicious. And the pot roast nachos? Amazing. Don't worry, LC, I am still coming over bearing cookie gifts! How is Wednesday? Or Friday?

Also saw the movie I Love You, Man! Definitely worth seeing, maybe even in the theatre. Although I think the six of us were laughing louder and harder than everyone else combined. I'm sure it was because the humor was too complex for anyone but us. Right? Right.

So far, the week has been busy. And it's only Monday. But that just means the weekend will be here that much sooner! (I hate that I look at life in terms of when the weekend will finally get here. I should work on that.) Until then, I will leave you with this little gem of a whistle-pig. Why they are called that and why the Lifer wants to hunt them are questions I'm still working on. Stay tuned!

Whistle pigs=ground hogs, ground squirrels, etc. Very helpful information. Just in case.